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Dave Tomlinson's book How to Be a Bad Christian was written for all those who want God without the guff - revealing that being a 'bad' Christian is perfectly good enough, and that it's possible to ditch religion without losing the faith. The Bad Christian's Manifesto continues the conversation, unpacking what spiritual intelligence - from an unapologetically Christian viewpoint - might look like for all the self-confessed bad Christians of the world. Join Dave as he explores how to befriend your inner sceptic, make a virtue of pleasure and find heaven in the ordinary things of life., Welcome to the bad Christian's manifesto, on argument for keeping faith with skepticism, making a virtue or pleasure, & finding heaven in the ordinary things of life Dove Tomlinson, author of How to he a bad Christian, thinks that a lot of our overly religious, formal ideas of God need to be reinvented and a lot of our spirituality, too. What does it look like to live well and the happy from an unapologetically generous Christian point of view? Join Dave as he considers virtues, vices, friendship, morality, mortality and how to make a sacrament of anything from chocolate to cigars. This book will change the way you think about 'Cod - and the way you live your life. Book jacket.

The Bad Christian's Manifesto : Reinventing God (and Other Modest Proposals) Read online ebook DJV, PRC, IBOOKS

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