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A how-to guide on producing independent films., Success in Film is the ultimate guide to funding, filming and finishing any independent film. Written by veteran filmmakers Julia Verdin and Matt Dean, Success in Film has been specially designed to help aspiring producers, directors, writers, actors, editors - anyone who wants to know how to take control of their own destiny in the world of film by making their own movies. Success in Film begins by helping the filmmaker define success for their film and in doing so find the best path to achieve that success. Whether you want financial success, awards, peer recognition, or just a great demo reel of what you can do, Success in Film can help you achieve that success one film at a time. Whether a film is intended for the big screen or the small, Internet release or Theatrical, this concise guide will takes the reader from inception to delivery. Topics include: how to find your story, how to find funding, how to deal with investors, how to make a business plan, how to make a budget, how to cast the film, how to find the right crew, how to work with actors, how do you get distribution, how to market the film, how to get into festivals, how to self release on amazon, iTunes or other digital platforms and much more! Success in Film is being called one the best books on the market today for aspiring producers. Written for filmmakers, by filmmakers who know the craft.

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