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Buddhism is deeply attractive to many in the West. Its ideals of serenity and compassion seem to supply a dimension of personal spirituality that they don't find in their own traditions. For those raised in the Christian Church, Buddhism can appear to exemplify the best in their ownreligion--qualities such as peacefulness, simplicity, and reverence for life--while dispensing with rigid doctrines and legalistic morality. Indeed, the number of Christian converts to Buddhism--especially in the United States--has grown exponentially over the years. At the same time, Buddhists andChristians, recognizing the affinities of the two faiths, have increasingly sought to advance an inter-religious dialogue. In Serene Compassion, John and Denise Carmody provide an accessible overview and evaluation of Buddhist thought and practice from a Christian point of view. They find that Buddhism is, in many ways, an ideal complement and companion to Christianity. To show why, the Carmodys focus on Buddhist ideasabout holiness--comprising such virtues as purity, devotion, orderliness, compassion, and wholeheartedness--and reveal how they compare to similar values in traditional Christianity. They emphasize the kinship between seekers of holiness in both traditions, and offer a nuanced and sympatheticportrait of meditative practices that bring attention and imagination into the service of spiritual life. At the same time, however, they are frank about matters of doctrinal disagreement, making it clear that some aspects of Buddhist thought are not compatible with a Christian world view. Moving well beyond a simple exposition of Buddhist notions, or a comparison of Christian with Buddhist practice, Serene Compassion concludes that Buddhists and Christians share a basic humanity, and that Buddhism's success at the task of nourishing this humanity has much to teach all Christians.Informative and insightful, it will appeal to readers approaching the dialogue from either side, and to all engaged in the spiritual quest., In Serene Compassion, John and Denise Carmody provide an accessibleoverview and evaluation of Buddhist thought and practice from a Christian pointof view. The Carmodys focus on Buddhist ideas about holiness--comprising suchvirtues as purity, devotion, orderliness, compassion, and wholeheartedness--andhow they compare to similar values in traditional Christianity. They emphasizethe experiential kinship between seekers of holiness in both traditions, andoffer a nuanced and sympathetic portrait of meditative practices that bringattention and imagination into the service of spiritual life. At the same time,they are frank about matters of doctrinal disagreement, making it clear thatsome aspects of Buddhist thought are not compatible with a classicalworldview., This overview and evaluation of Buddhist thought and practice examines concepts from a Christian perspective. It focuses on Buddhist ideas of holiness and how they compare to similar values in Christianity., Throughout my life I have been always on the go, always looking for the next level. I ve never felt settled and comfortable, always setting the next goal as soon as the current one nears completion and pushing myself all the time. With this attitude, I felt myself under pressure most of the time, and with pressure comes stress, loads of stress, and the feeling that I never had enough time. I was burning the candle at both ends, but I concluded that this was what life required. For those of us who want to thrive and lead a healthy lifestyle in this high-pressure world of instability, confusion, constant change, and stress, we couldn t stand a chance if we were physically or mentally sluggish. So when I got to know about flotation therapy, I quickly realised that this could be the natural answer to the stresses of this ever-changing world of ours. Regular floating can be the way to relax your tired body while engaging your subconscious mind as you control your thoughts. I discovered that regular floating made me a healthier and happier person. I said goodbye to a stressful lifestyle as I exercised and reinforced my body s capacity for happy thoughts, healing, good sleep, creativity, and imagination. I had lower blood pressure, easier concentration, and more energy. I discovered how regular floating positively changed my life and helped me focus on the things I want out of life. The powerful technique of floating can help people, especially go-getters, to achieve their goals, to become much more centred, and to tackle the issues and problems that life throws at them easily and calmly. Isn t true that if we approach our problems in a relaxed state, we stand a better chance of solving them? So when I was called up to run one of the very first flotation centres in England, I was completely blown away by the difference this form of therapy made in my life. The experience of lying in a tank, a gravity-free environment, experiencing weightlessness and proper blood circulation, sold me on the idea of floating regularly. I thought of the millions of people out there with busy lifestyles like me who could find the results from floating regularly very helpful. I thought of people who may be magnesium deficient, who may be at risk of developing or already suffer from poor blood circulation, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, stroke, cancer, heart disease, fatigue, and those who may be so stressed out that they cannot even sleep at night. At the flotation centre, I started researching flotation and the difference it made in people s lives. My position at the time facilitated this research, as I always found the time to chat with all my clients about their experiences on the day to see what changes regular floating was making for them. What I found was that there was not enough information out there about how this fantastic therapy can be beneficial in the long term. I was so involved with the floating business that even my spare time was eaten up by research on the topic, and I promised myself that as soon as the opportunity arose, I would put pen to paper to let the world know in depth the benefits of being present within, switching off, and being in solitude and seclusion while spending some time in a gravity-free, sensory deprivation isolation tank for just an hour or a lunchtime holiday. Some of the long-term benefits described in this book will just blow you away. Read and digest this information and keep the book close at hand for reference. This is not just intellectual entertainment, so please do act on this book s contents for the well-being of yourself, your friends, and your family.

Serene Compassion : A Christian Appreciation of Buddhist Holiness by Denise Lardner Carmody Read book AZW, RTF, TXT, FB2

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