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Most countries have recently heavily increased their spending for the elite sport sector. This book discusses theoretical concepts that explain why national sporting success has become a policy priority around the globe. The main focus of the book is to discuss why some nations are more successful in sport than others. Which factors determine success and failure of nations, particularly at the Olympic Games? This book will reassess the understanding of success in sport beyond conventional explanations that the population size of a country and the strength of a national economy are the main determinants for differences among nations. A theory on nations' success and failure in sport is presented by proving relationships of variables that could be identified for the same groups of countries such as the most and least successful nations. The investigation will focus on the relationship of factors that are not out of political control (such as geography) in order to analyze the possibilities and limitations of governments in influencing their nations' success in sport., The Olympic Games is undoubtedly the greatest sporting event in the world, with over 200 countries competing for success. This important new study of the Olympics investigates why some countries are more successful than others. Which factors determine their failure or success? What is the relationship between these factors? And how can these factors be manipulated to influence a country's performance in sport? This book addresses these questions and discusses the theoretical concepts that explain why national sporting success has become a policy priority around the globe. Danyel Reiche reassesses our understanding of success in sport and challenges the conventional explanations that population size and economic strength are the main determinants for a country's Olympic achievements. He presents a theory of countries' success and failure, based on detailed investigations of the relationships between a wide variety of factors that influence a country's position in the Olympic medals table, including geography, ideology, policies such as focusing on medal promising sports, home advantage and the promotion of women. This book fills a long-standing gap in literature on the Olympics and will provide valuable insights for all students, scholars, policy makers and journalists interested in the Olympic Games and the wider relationship between sport, politics, and nationalism.

Routledge Research in Sport, Culture and Society: Success and Failure of Nations at the Olympics Download book IBOOKS, DJV, PDF, DOC

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