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Reincarnation was an accepted belief by the great minds of antiquity. In Greece, Plato was influenced by earlier classical Greek philosophers such as Pythagoras, while reincarnation was both believed and taught by Jesus and many Church Fathers through the eighth century, as well as in Hebrew texts and mystical traditions throughout the Middle Ages. In Reincarnation for Christians, Monsignor Sweeley proves that reincarnation was accepted by Jesus according to Holy Scripture, was accepted and taught by the Church Fathers as a doctrine of the faith, and is believed today by many Christians. Moreover, he makes clear why there is no conflict between the atonement of Jesus and Jesus as the redeemer of humanity, with the necessity of living many lives before we attain salvation. Endorsements "This is a book about Western concepts of Reincarnation, which assume that identity is lodged within a subjective essence or soul that persists after death. Dr. Sweeley makes an exhaustive and accurate survey of the history of ''soul'' in Western esoteric and exoteric philosophy. He finds significant and convincing evidence of teaching about reincarnation in Jewish and Christian scriptures. "He carefully documents the reasons for the persecution by the Roman Catholic Church of these teachings. He also documents the continuing presence of such teachings in Western thought and within both the Christian and the Jewish mystical traditions. "His discussion of Kabbalistic and Theosophical teachings is exhaustive and accurate. He carefully documents arguments against a Doctrine of Reincarnation, but, in the end, his arguments for such teachings seem to this writer convincing. "He goes on to incorporate modern psychological investigation (especially Jung) of Reincarnation and shows these findings confirm the esoteric doctrines about Reincarnation. "I find Dr. Sweeley balanced, lucid, and also convincing. I believe anyone reading this book will find it useful to his/her spiritual practice and spiritual reflection. "The book does not consider Eastern approaches to reincarnation, most especially Buddhism. Such teachings do not use the concept of a ''soul'' to argue for what is termed ''rebirth,'' but rather use a nuanced and sophisticated discussion of karma and/or conditioned intentionality to demonstrate the survival of personal identity after death. "This lack in Dr. Sweeley�s book in no way undermines his argument, which is, after all, for a Christian concept of Reincarnation. Such a Christian argument for Reincarnation must depend, to remain consistent with the contiguity of Christian Teaching, on a Christian anthropology that uses ''soul'' as a basic component for the understanding of human existence." Rev. Canon James Willems, M.A., M.Div., Episcopal priest and a teacher of Buddhist meditation and Dharma _________________________ "Jack Sweeley has done it again! Reincarnation for Christians is a spellbinding and informative adventure into a subject that has long been extremely sensitive for Christianity. Rational and compelling, the esoteric values expressed here bring the followers of Christ into an arena already populated by millennia of other religious traditions." Rev. Thomas Gallub, Ph.D. _________________________ "Monsignor Jack Sweeley�s Reincarnation for Christians is a greatly detailed, in-depth look at reincarnation from the centuries Before the Common Era through today. "As a believer in reincarnation, I was amazed at the information that literally packs the pages of Monsignor Sweeley�s book. As you will find, reincarnation is not just ''New Age'' but has been a major belief in one form or another for thousands of years. "Msgr. Sweeley�s Reincarnation for Christians, and the resources therein, are an invaluable tool for anyone who would like to expand their knowledge of reincarnation and its history." Katy O.

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