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College football linebacker and Chicago Bears draftee Matt Mayberry survived many failures throughout his life, including struggling with drugs as a teen and enduring a NFL career ending injury. Ultimately, Matt chose to learn from his failures. Now, he shows you how you can learn from yours to create opportunity and success. As a teen, Matt Mayberry was on a downward path to destruction until one day he had an epiphany. He could live his life addicted to drugs or, he could redirect himself, work hard to turn his failures into gifts , and become the man he was intended to be. Matt chose the latter. Striving for the next goal and taking each setback as an opportunity to learn, Matt surrounded himself with world-renowned mentors, and became a nationally sought-after speaker and success coach. His life has become a tale of triumph, tenacity, and encouragement, and in this book, Matt shares his proven, step by step program for turning failures into success., No one goes undefeated when playing the game of life. Matt Mayberry is no exception. He's faced setbacks beyond his control and lots more he created himself. But even after conquering addiction, realizing his lifelong dream to play in the NFL, and then having it taken away from him in an instant, he came from behind yet again to achieve more success than ever before. Sometimes we are knocked down-and even out-by circumstances within or beyond our control. That's life. But these moments can be opportunities to tap into inner strength and start over. By sharing how he treated failure as a way to start over, Matt is now a nationally sought-after speaker and success coach to audiences of more than 100,000 people per year for Fortune 500 companies, NFL and NBA teams, government and nonprofit groups, professional associations, and universities. In WINNING PLAYS, he presents his strategies to survive and thrive in the real world, no matter what gets thrown your way. Just as no football team can be successful without a solid game plan, you can't be successful without one either. This book is full of Matt's inspirational, motivational, and prescriptive advice, such as: be authentic, create opportunities, power through adversity, reaffirm your goals, rebuild, and many other strategies for developing your own personal game plan to succeed in business and in life., Performance strategist and Entrepreneur magazine columnist Matt Mayberry shares his proven keys to success with an inspiring and practical guide on personal motivation. Today, former college football star and NFL linebacker Matt Mayberry is an acclaimed keynote speaker and performance strategist, but he was once on a downward path to destruction, struggling through drug addiction and a career-ending injury. Then one day he had an epiphany; he didn't want to throw his life away day-by-day. Instead, he decided to transform his failures and create a bigger future for himself. Taking each setback as an opportunity to learn, Mayberry surrounded himself with mentors. With an infectious never-give-up attitude, he tells his story of transformation into a nationally sought-after speaker and success coach. Through the hardship and trials, Mayberry found his true passion and gift--helping others achieve massive success. Offering readers practical steps on applying his strategies to their own lives, Mayberry explains how anyone can power through and learn to create opportunity and success.

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