New Studies in Christian Ethics: The Public Forum and Christian Ethics 19 by Robert Gascoigne Read online book DJV, AZW, FB2


This book addresses the question of the communication of Christian ethics in the public forum of liberal, pluralist societies. Drawing on debates in philosophy, theology and sociological theory, it relates the problem of communication to fundamental questions about the nature of liberal societies and the identity of Christian faith and the Christian community. With particular emphasis on Kantian and neo-Kantian ethics, it explores the link between autonomy and community in liberal societies. The theology of communio, expressed in revealed Christian traditions, can reconcile autonomy and community. Any Christian attempt to communicate this vision must also reflect on Christianity's own identity, especially the ways in which its own self-consciousness grows in critical interaction with secularity. In this light, Christian ethical communication is both a witness to a distinctive identity, founded in the revelation of the triune God, and a vision of universal human solidarity which can reconcile autonomy and community., This book, which draws on debates in theology, philosophy, and sociological theory, is concerned with the communication of Christian ethics in the public forum of liberal, secular societies. It considers one of the fundamental problems of liberal societies: reconciling individual autonomy and community, and in response proposes a theological vision of community, and develops a particular understanding of the ways in which Christian identity is affirmed and developed in the communication of this vision. It also contributes to debates in public theology, especially on the relationship between Christianity and society.

New Studies in Christian Ethics: The Public Forum and Christian Ethics 19 by Robert Gascoigne Read ebook FB2, RTF, PDF, MOBI

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