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A multifaceted analysis of how Jewish leaders in medieval and early modern times responded to the challenges they faced. Based largely on the study of sermons and response-genres that show Jewish leaders addressing real situations in the lives of their people-it reveals how rabbis have handled intellectual, social, and political diversity and conflict in various vibrant Jewish communities. Haym Soloveitchik's principal concern is with stimuli to change in the unfolding of halakhic ideas. Basing himself on studies of Rashi and the Tosafists, usury and moneylending, and the ban on Gentile wine, he shows how the line between adaptation and deviance is a fine one and that where a society draws that line is revelatory of both its values and its self-perception. A fascinating study in the development of halakhic thought and Ashkenazi society. A powerful demonstration that understanding the history of halakhah requires substantive, in-depth analysis of sources together with a consideration of context. Book jacket., Ram Ben-Shalom offers a detailed analysis of the extent of Jews' exposure to the history of those with whom they lived, and of how they expressed their historical consciousness in encountering them in different contexts. He shows that the Jews in these southern European lands experienced a relatively open society that was sensitive to and knowledgeable about voices from other cultures, and that this had significant consequences for shaping Jewish historical consciousness., The historical consciousness of medieval Jewry has engendered lively debate in the scholarly world. The focus in this book is on the historical consciousness of the Jews of Spain and southern France in the late Middle Ages, and specifically on their perceptions of Christianity and Christian history and culture. In his detailed analysis of Jews' understanding of the history of the communities they lived among, Ram Ben-Shalom shows that in these southern European lands Jews experienced a relatively open society that was sensitive to and knowledgeable about voices from other cultures, and that this had significant consequences for shaping Jewish historical consciousness. Among the topics that receive special attention are what Jews knew of the significance of Rome, of Jesus and the early days of Christianity, of Church history, and of the history of the Iberian monarchies. Ben-Shalom demonstrates that, despite the negative stereotypes of Jewry prevalent in Christian literature and increasing familiarity with that literature, they were more influenced by their interactions with Christian society at the local level. Consequently, there was no single stereotype that dominated Jewish thought, and frequently little awareness of the two cultures as representing distinct theologies. This book contributes to medieval Jewish intellectual history on many levels, demonstrating that, in Spain and southern France, Jews of the later Middle Ages evinced a genuine interest in history, including the history of non-Jews, and that in some cases they were deeply familiar with Christian and sometimes also classical historiography. In providing a comprehensive survey of the multiple contexts in which historiographical material was embedded and the many uses to which it was put, it enriches our understanding of medieval historiography, polemic, Jewish-Christian relations, and the breadth of interests characterizing Provencal and Spanish Jewish communities. This fascinating and well-documented study will appeal not only to scholars of Jewish studies and of medieval history and literature, but also to those interested in Christian history and historiography and in the long saga of Jewish-Christian relations. The Hebrew edition of the book was awarded the Samuel Toledano Prize for its contribution to understanding the Sephardi part in its Christian context. [Subject: Jewish Studies, History, Medieval Studies, Religious Studies]

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