Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation Programme: Who Do We Say That We Are? : Christian Identity in a Multi-Religious World by World Council for Psychotherapy Staff Download book AZW3, DJV, PDF, DOC


"A charter for interreligious learning as part of the common Christian life, Who Do We Say That We Are? is an ecumenical document on interfaith relations that asks not so much, 'What do we think of them?' as 'How are our Christian self-understandings changed and enriched by engagement with our neighbours' faith?'" --S. Mark Heim, Samuel Abbot Professor of Christian Theology, Andover Newton Theological School, Massachusetts Perhaps more than ever, in our globalized context we meet persons of other faiths and religious traditions. When empathetic, such meetings can be revealing about their lives and commitments. Yet how do they change our own identity and illuminate our own faith? In light of interreligious encounter, who do we say that we are? This brief work, distilled from lengthy and broad theological consultation facilitated by the World Council of Churches, suggests ways in which our faith is deepened and exciting new vistas opened on traditional Christian faith commitments through interreligious dialogue and engagement. Our sincere engagements with the other can lead to a growing grasp of our own faith identity and, indeed, more profound encounter with the mystery of God. (Series: Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation Programme) Subject: Religious Studies, Christiani Theology], "Particularly since the beginning of the 21st century, political, ideological, and religious shifts have given a new edge to the need for Christians to engage appropriately with religious plurality," say the authors of this illuminating work. Their statement, fruit of ten years of consultations about Christianity's encounter with and relation to other major religious traditions, is in aid of Christians' self-understanding as they live and work and dialogue with people of other faiths. What is core to Christian identity? What is peripheral? How can the claims of Christian belief be reconciled to open encounter with others who think differently? The sections of this document explore some key aspects of how Christian identity has been challenged by religious diversity, and how Christian commitment may actually be nourished by meeting in dialogue with those who do not share our perspective. Building on and elaborated through an explicitly Trinitarian framework, it explores each locus through its core convictions and how they can be newly discovered and deepened in interreligious exchange. Rather than be threatened by the increase in religious plurality, this statement shows, Christians can come to new and more profound appreciation of their own identity through interreligious interaction.

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