Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music : Pop, Rock, and Worship (2009, Hardcover) by Read online book DJV, DOCX, TXT


The "Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music: Pop, Rock, and Worship" is the first comprehensive reference work on a form of American music that is far more popular than nonfans may realize. It fills a major gap in the literature on American music and Christian culture, looking at this increasingly popular genre in the context of the overall history of religious music in the United States. With over 200 entries, "The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music" covers important performers and industry figures, songs and albums, concerts and festivals, the rise of Christian radio and television, and other issues related to the growth of inspirational music. Scholars and fans alike will find a wealth of revealing information and insightful coverage illustrating the influence of gospel on modern American music with musicians such as Elvis, Sam Cooke, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and U2.The work also examines the use of fundamental rock, pop, and rap music templates in the service of songs of faith., The first comprehensive overview of contemporary inspirational music, covering its historical roots and dramatic growth into one of America's most vital music genres. * Over 200 entries spanning the development of contemporary Christian music and its historic and cultural roots * A remarkable team of contributorsdistinguished scholars across the full academic and religious spectrum * A host of images of historic and contemporary performers and other important figures in inspirational music * An extensive bibliography of important works in print and online for further reading on contemporary Christian music * A comprehensive index

Read online ebook Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music : Pop, Rock, and Worship (2009, Hardcover) by RTF, DOCX, EPUB

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