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A distinctive feature of Christian culture in early Islamic Syria and Palestine was a renewed interest in literature on martyrs, which represented a potential reaction among some Christian communities to the rise of Islam in the region. The adaption of this early Christian genre to the new circumstances of political domination during the early Middle Ages offers a revealing, yet until now largely unexplored, window onto how Christians responded culturally to Islamic imperialism. This bilingual edition of three martyrdoms provides a new opportunity to understand this historical phenomenon. These writings, composed at the Mar Saba monastery in the Judean Desert and attributed to famous members of that community, share a common high literary style, although each portrays Christian martyrdom at the hands of the Muslims very differently. This parallel-text edition offers the only English translations available of these important works, making it an invaluable resource for both students and scholars of religious history. ", Three Christian Martyrdoms presents, in a dual-language text, three martyrdoms composed at the Mar Saba monastery n the Judean Desert in the 8th century AD: the Passion of Peter of Capitolias, ascribed to John of Damascus, and the Passion of Twenty Martyrs of Mar Saba and the Passion of Saint Romanos the Neo-Martyr, both composed by John's nephew, Stephen Manar the Hymnographer. The translations into English by Stephen J. Shoemaker from either Georgian or Greek, are the first in any modern language other than Russian. These texts shed important light on the life of Christians living under Islam and also on the history of this important and influential monastic community.

Eastern Christian Texts: Three Christian Martyrdoms from Early Islamic Palestine by Stephen J. Shoemaker Download ebook in IBOOKS, FB2, DOC, AZW, PRC

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