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Brainblocks are the mental obstacles that keep people from achieving success, defined as setting, pursuing, and achieving a goal. Managing the brain is the solution to preventing mental blocks from interfering with achieving your goals. And neuropsychologist Dr. Theo Tsaousides gives you the tools to improve: Awareness: the seven brainblocks to success (self-doubt, procrastination, impatience, multitasking, rigidity, perfectionism, negativity) the characteristic feelings, thoughts, and actions associated with each brainblock the brain functions involved in goal-oriented action brain glitches and how they create setbacks the cost of not removing brainblocks the best strategies to remove the blocks Engagement: actively search for brainblocks in your actions, thoughts, and feelings recognize and label each brainblock as soon as it is identified practice each strategy consistently until it becomes second nature track your progress toward a goal Through these strategies you will learn to overcome these cognitive obstacles and harness the power of the brain to achieve success in any endeavor., We are all wired for success. Our brains are designed to set, pursue, and achieve goals. Being successful is a function of how well we use our brains. Efficient use leads to success. Inefficient use leads to brainblocks. Brainblocks are the mental obstacles that keep you from achieving your objectives. They are the hidden barriers to success. Neuropsychologist Dr. Theo Tsaousides shares important in-sights about how your brain can promote or prevent you from reaching your goals and gives you the tools to improve awareness of the seven brainblocks to success: Self-doubt Procrastination Impatience Multitasking Rigidity Perfectionism Negativity When you understand how the brain functions for goal-oriented action and master the best strategies to remove hidden barriers, you can harness the power of your brain to achieve success in any endeavor

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