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A Theology in Outline: Can These Bones Live? began with an undergraduate course taught by Robert W. Jenson at Princeton University in the spring of 2008. Based on a series of twenty-three course lectures, it offers a concise and accessible overview of Christian theology while retaining the atmosphere of Jenson's classroom. Much as does Jenson's Systematic Theology, A Theology in Outline treats a standard sequence of doctrines in Christian theology--God, Trinity, creation, humanity, sin, salvation, church, among others. However, its organizing principle and leitmotiv are less traditional. Reflecting his recent interest in theological interpretation of scripture, Jenson frames the whole of Christian theology as a response to the question posed to the prophet Ezekiel: "Son of man, can these bones live?" For Jenson, to ask this question is to ask whether Christian theology itself is a pile of dead bones. Can the story that God lives with his people be told today? From first to last the chapters of this book proceed under the impelling pressure of this question. They thus comprise a single sequence of illustrative conversations for the purpose of introducing beginners to Christian theology., In 2008, preeminent theologian Robert Jenson delivered his last set of lectures, "Can These Bones Live?: An Introduction to Christian Theology," at Princeton University. Adam Eitel, Jenson's teaching assistant at the time, recorded and transcribed the twenty-three lectures in the series. Jenson and Eitel have since worked together to revise and prepare these lectures for publication in order to share the atmosphere and immediacy of Jenson's classroom. A Theology in Outline gives an overview of Christian theology as well as an introduction to Jenson's thought. Each chapter treats a major doctrine in Christianity--God, Israel, Resurrection, the Trinity, Creation, and Sin, among others. Unlike Jenson's previous work, this book is influenced by his recent interest in Biblical exegesis. He frames the whole series as a response to an exegesis of the question, "Son of man, can these bones live?" from Ezekiel 37:3. He considers whether the story that God lives with his people can continue, and if the Christian faith itself has become a valley of dry bones. The lectures provide a single sequence of illustrative conversations for the purpose of introducing beginners to Christian theology. Moreover, A Theology in Outline marks the genuine development in Jenson's thought--a unique work unto itself.

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