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Do Christians bring a unique, scriptural understanding of social justice to bear on the ills of society? Would such an understanding reshape the way Christians engage and partner with others working to create a more just world? Much of the modern conversation around creating justice focuses on ideas that too often reduce justice to human rights, procedural justice, and even the consumerism of the contemporary culture/economy. While the priorities of human rights and due process are necessary for fashioning a just world, the Christian understanding of the common good is much richer and calls the church beyond fairness to forms of liberation, compassion, mercy, and peace that are even more radical than the best notions of justice that characterize the nation-state at the beginning of the 21st century. A Christian Justice for the Common Good describes a Christian justice for the common good and what it looks like on the ground in real world settings. Calling Christians (individuals, as well as communities of faith) to a concrete version of social well-being befitting faithful life in Jesus and God's vision of justice for the world, Tex Sample drills deeper and identifies the skills that must be cultivated to do justice work with others--work that will create a lasting impact while extending a Christian vision for the common good. The conclusion? The freedom God offers in Christ finds its place in concrete Christian efforts and the graced wherewithal of people who work generously with one another for a new and just life together. Contents include: 1. The Reduction of Justice to Human Rights 2. A Christian Justice 3. The Formation of a Just Church 4. Skills of Justice 5. Doing Justice with Others 6. A Justice of the Common Good, Tex Sample is a specialist in church and society and a much sought-after lecturer, storyteller, workshop leader, and consultant. He is also the Robert B. and Kathleen Rogers Professor Emeritus of Church and Society at Saint Paul School of Theology in Leawood, Kansas. Book jacket.

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