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In this latest addition to the highly successful 100 Great Ideas series, readers will find a comprehensive guide to building success across all areas of their lives covering work, family and community.Author Dr Peter Shaw, who has written two other titles in this series, distils 100 learning points from his vast experience in business and government, and conveys them in a highly personable, easy-to-read style.This book provides prompts for thought on balancing priorities well, understanding the drivers of your ambition, addressing what might hold you back, generating forward momentum, handling setbacks with care, building your reputation, balancing the short term and the long term, sustaining the success, growing team success and engaging with the future.Inspiring case-studies of people who faced myriad challenges are presented, showing the ways in which they eventually surmounted their difficulties.No matter how you define success, 100 Great Building Success Ideas is an invaluable companion on your personal and professional life journey.", Success in any sphere is built from the ground up. Only with robust fundamentals and values and by laying one course of bricks at a time can we reach for the sky. The 100 ideas in this book show you how to build success in all areas of your life - from work and family to the wider community. Learn how to balance priorities well, understand the drivers of your ambition, address what might be holding you back, generate forward momentum, handle setbacks, build your reputation, balance the short term and the long term, sustain positive results, grow team success, and engage with future possibilities. 100 Great Building Success Ideas provides a wealth of prompts to enable you to identify what success means for you, and to put in place the essential building blocks of lasting personal and professional fulfillment. Book jacket.

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